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Transaction Terminal Holders

Having you payment system integrated with your POS software helps streamline your operations and lets you focus on what’s important: customer service. Our dynamic and multi-featured terminal holders help you make the customer experience great and your operation seamless. Whatever type of payment terminal you use, HPC System have trusted, proven, and secure mounting solutions for any payment applications.

  • Ingenico
  • Verifone
  • ATOS Worldline
  • Spire
  • PAX
  • Anything you want.
  • 3918
  • 3447
  • 3279
  • 00361
  • 00360

HPC Payment Transaction Terminal Stands

In today’s competitive retail environment, you need everything to work just right to create the best point-of-sale experience possible for your customers. Ensuring that the moment of transaction is smooth, safe and secure for your customer is an integral part of their satisfaction and peace of mind.

HPC System designs and manufactures solutions to enhance employee functionality as well as stands that enable the easiest and most private transactions possible for your customers. Our solutions work with all major pin pads, tablets, monitors, keyboards and cash registers. We provide a complete solution to ensure your technology is working with you.





  • 3071

HPC Terminal Holders Stands Fixing

Whether it’s for drive through, cash lane, or non-traditional transactions such as iPad, how and where you position your PIN pad to maximize flexibility and ease of use is critical to creating a positive checkout experience. Choose from our extensive inventory of stands for the right solution for your specific needs.

  • 120 mm
  • 200 mm
  • Custom length
  • On edge
  • Special fixing for POS table corners
  • Movable
  • With adjective pad
  • Custom by request

HPC SYSTEM, find everything you need for Point Of Sale enviroment!

Can't find? Just contact us and we will design and manufacture everything you need.

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