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Reliable & popular metal cash drawer, fast open with ball bearing rollers, removable money tray & coin case, adjustable bill & coin divider.

  • High quality cash drawers for any Point of Sale application.
  • All steel cases with robust mechanisms.
  • Warranted against defects for one year.
  • High quality plastic money trays with steel note clips.
  • 3-position key release and lock as standard.
  • Drawer status switch available on all models.
  • Cables fitted for any receipt printer such as EPSON, STAR, CITIZEN, etc.
  • Interfaces available for IBM, NCR, Fujitsu, Wincor and other systems.
  • Optional interfaces allow cash drawer to be fired directly by PC serial or USB port.
  • Spare money tray inserts, lockable lids and other parts.
  • 13S-3P1
  • 13S3
  • 13S5
  • 13E3
  • 13E-3P2
  • 13E2

HPC 16 Sieries Cash Drawers

The HPC16 Series Cash Drawer strikes the perfect balance between durability and price. With both a HPC16S and an HPC16SP model, a choice between black, white or stainless steel front panel, and a shatter-resistant ABS plastic till, the HPC16 has the versatility and durability required for retail or restaurant settings. This drawer has a fully adjustable till with 5 bill slots sporting heavy duty bill weights and 5 or 6 coin slots all housed in a stout cold-rolled steel case.

It is covered by a standard 3-year warranty and is compatible with multiple printer brands, including POS-X, Epson, Citizen, Ithaca, and Star, as well as other leading brands. HPC16, the best choice for smart business.

  • Metal Cash Drawer withHeavy-duty Ball Bearing Rollersor metal slides
  • Adjustable bill compartments
  • Removable coin tray with 5 / 9compartments
  • Three level lock for maximumsecurity
  • One Media Slot
  • Emergent Release Lever
  • HPC182
  • HPC181

HPC 460 Sieries Cash Drawers

Robust and reliable, the digipos FlipTop Cash Drawer is a hardworking POS essential that doesn’t compromise on quality. Its black casing and flexible removable insert houses 10 coin and 5 note sections. Complete with a media slot and 3 position lock, this drawer has all the functionality you need at an affordable price.

  • Lid Opens Consistently: Flip-lid opens fully to 80° providing easy access to the till
  • Till: 8 coin, 4-6 bills locations with removable divider to adjust bill spaces
  • Features integrated media storage
  • Interfaces to Suit: Adapts to most POS Systems
  • Till Cover: Provided with every unit the locking till cover fully encloses media
  • Robust Latch: Withstands slamming and closes even with a light touch

HPC 13 Sieries Cash Drawers

HPC13 is narrow-footprint drawer has a full-sized till, making it the perfect choice for minimal space and maximal performance. The small footprint and thick gauge cold-rolled steel case with all colors powder-coat finish make this a sleek, durable, and efficient cash drawer for the heaviest of retail or restaurant environs. Interface compatible with all POS-X hardware, Epson, Citizen, Ithaca and Star among others.

  • Metal Cash Drawer with Heavy-duty Ball Bearing Rollersor metal slides
  • 4 bill compartments
  • Coin tray with 5 compartments
  • Three level lock for maximum security
  • High impact plastic cash till & bill weights
  • Emergent Release Lever
  • HPC16P1
  • HPC16S8
  • HPC16S7
  • HPC16S6
  • HPC16S5
  • HPC16S4
  • HPC16S3
  • HPC16S2
  • HPC16S1

HPC 18 Sieries Cash Drawers

The HPC 18 series is the perfect solution for applications that can be addressed with a standard duty cash drawer. The HPC 18 is also the cost effective choice that doesn't sacrifice quality or dependability. The HPC 18 is competitively priced and includes features, such as drawer status reporting, found in more expensive cash drawers. A variety of configurations with a wide range of size, style, color, interface and till options are available to meet your specific requirements.

  • Metal Cash Drawer with Heavy-duty Ball Bearing Rollers or metal slides
  • Adjustable bill compartments
  • Removable Coin Case
  • Adjustable Dividers
  • Three level lock for maximumsecurity
  • Two Media Slot
  • Emergent Release Lever
  • HPC 46012
  • HPC 46011
  • HPC 46010
  • HPC 4606
  • HPC 4605
  • HPC 4604

HPC SYSTEM, find everything you need for Point Of Sale enviroment!

Can't find? Just contact us and we will design and manufacture everything you need.

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